I have spent much of my motorcycling life riding in the rain. If you travel a lot, it will happen (though, like many riders, I tend to think it happens more often to me.) People who learn that I ride always ask “what do you do if it rains?” My usual reply is “I let it”.

Good riding gear helps a lot, but even after decades of improvement, none of it is perfect. Something will get a bit damp, if you’re out there long enough, but it is perfectly tolerable. There are things to know, the difference in traction for wet pavement, the foreign substances on the road that turn to grease with water, the reduced sight…yours and everyone else’s….the possibility of ice when it is cold and a thousand other things that experience teaches you eventually.

But there is also the sense of calm that the focus engenders, the sense of doing something special that not everyone can do well, and the sense of endurance, the knowing that this thing nature has thrown at you won’t stop you. There is an optimism in rain riding.

Jupiter’s “Great Red Spot”, we are told, is a storm as wide as the diameter of the Earth, that has been going on continuously for at least 200 years. I am sure that In the middle of it is a motorcyclist saying “ it’s going to clear just over that next hill, I know it will”

About johngrice

Retired small town lawyer, lifelong motorcyclist, traveler and old guy sitting around thinking.
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